premium recliner chair

Sasha Premium Recliner Chair

The Sasha premium recliner chair is an ergonomic recliner chair with advanced features such as anti-crush technology to stop anything being trapped underneath.

This chair has a battery backup so in the event of a power failure, the backup will kick in and mean that the chair is not stuck in an upright or laid back position.

With this chair, you’ll get an incredible level of support which is good for people with ¬†joint pain, arthritis, rheumatism, MS, and circulation problems.

The chair is available in four different colours and the armrest and headrest covers are removable for easy washing and improved hygiene.

We call this a premium recliner chair because of it’s advanced features, however as you can see the price is not a premium one.¬† This recliner chair is a premium recliner chair at a bargain price.


  • Width: 82cm (32″)
  • Depth: 89cm (34″)
  • Height: 108cm (43″)
  • Seat Height: 43cm (17″)
  • Seat Width: 52cm (20″)
  • Seat Depth: 51cm (20″)
  • Weight Capacity: 115kg (18st)


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