fabric recliner chair

Oxford Fabric Recliner Chair

The Oxford recliner by Morris Living is a budget rise recliner with a terrific upside.  It is a single motor recliner with a choice of either beige or grey.

This recliner chair has a simple to use 2 button remote control which makes it suitable for those with manual dexterity and memory issues.  The remote can be stored easily in the handy side pocket, which can also be used to store books and magazines.

The Oxford recliner chair is extremely well built and has a well constructed frame which will increase the reliability of this rise and recliner.

You will find when standing, the chair elevates to an almost vertical position allowing easy transfer from and to the chair.

A new feature on this updated model is a USB charging port allowing the user to charge mobile phones easily.

Previous customers have commented on speed of delivery and an excellent price. Also the comfort and perfect size of the chair.


  • Height: 106cm
  • Width: 88cm
  • Depth: 100cm
  • Net Weight: 60kg
  • Total Weight: 57kg

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