Oldbury Budget Recliner Chair

The Oldbury recliner chair is a fantastic single motor rise and recline chair with a big upside.   You will already have noticed the excellent price.  You will also be the owner of a chair with superb customer feedback, reliability and a nice fabric.

With it’s easy to use remote control, the Oldbury is ideal for those with less mobility in their hands.  In the new upgraded model, you’ll also get a usb charger built in.

The floral fabric is lovely and should fit well with any decor.

The Oldbury comes highly recommended and has great feedback from other customers. Be aware, as with other such furniture, the two parts the chair is delivered in are very, very heavy. This is due to the metal frame and motor system.  You will more than likely need someone to help you both put the chair in position and put the chair together.

It should be clear already that this chair is of superior quality for the price, however, if you are still unsure, confider that the maximum weight limit is 25st where the limit on most recliner chairs is 18st.  This goes to show the build quality of this chair.


  • Height: 109cm
  • Width: 81cm
  • Depth: 90cm
  • Net Weight: 50kg
  • Shipping Weight: 55kg

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