Chester Rise Recline Massage Chair

The Chester rise recline massage chair is a bargain and has great feedback from customers.  The chair also has heat and a nice leather style finish.

Available in black, brown and cream, the Chester has a T-Back backrest and a high level of comfort, thanks to its bonded leather finish and padding.

When standing, the chair raises to an almost vertical position to allow the user to transfer from and to the chair.  The heating element warms the lower back while the massage function works on the lower back, thighs and calves.

While reclining the chair goes far back enough to allow comfortable sleep and rest.

The handset is easy to use and features a two button system to benefit those with dexterity issues in hands.

A handy side pocket allows for storage of the handset as well as books and magazines.

Previous customers have commented on the chairs ease of use, excellent heat function and the lovely bonded leather finish.

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